Celebration as resistance: Happy Easter from Sweets Way!


Happy Easter from Sweets Way Resists!

Whether or not you celebrate Easter, it would be hard not to enjoy the way we spent our Easter Sunday at the newly occupied Sweets Way social centre at 76 Oakleigh Road North. It involved a bouncy castle, rabbits, an egg hunt, barbecue, and copious amounts of delicious homemade cake.

This is not the stuff that comes to mind when most people think about a political occupation.

Everything we do at the social centre is political, because our location is directly impeding plans to bulldoze our homes. But the second ‘political’ starts to get in the way of community, celebration and fun, we’ve lost.

This isn’t to say that we aren’t outraged by the actions of Annington and Barnet – of course we are! – but that we won’t let that outrage get in the way of the community we are fighting to save.

We want the rest of the London to see not only our sadness and anger, but also the community we are and have become, and what is at stake in the name of so-called ‘regeneration’.

When Annington and Barnet talk about regeneration, what they mean is stopping things like our Easter celebrations, our Mothering Sunday meal, and countless other examples of the ways we have supported one another and created beautiful moments during a truly difficult time.

‘Regeneration’ leaves no room for community, and we won’t stand by and let it happen. But our resistance has to reflect the things we are fighting to save in the first place, so expect more food, fun and family as we do everything we can to save Sweets Way from those who would see it demolished!

PS – are you one of the almost-63,000 people who’ve signed the petition to stop the destruction of Sweets Way? If not, you can become one at http://www.change.org/sweetsway

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2 thoughts on “Celebration as resistance: Happy Easter from Sweets Way!

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  2. Health and distance prevent my attendance-sorry………but they dont hamper my use of phone. I will do what I can and I hope lots of others join in..
    We could paralize their system. That would be good. So often these folk really think what they are doing is reasonable and that the resisters are a few nutters, let’s show them that’s just not so.
    Sweets Way crew-May your resistance continue to be blessed, and Thankyou.


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