Potluck resistance on Mothering Sunday

Today there was an amazing international potluck amongst residents, former residents and supporters at the Sweets Way social centre. We treated one another to an amazing spread of food from Turkey, Brazil, Cuba, Poland and beyond. When we didn’t have space to put all the food, someone came up with the bright idea to turn the Sitex (metal sheets used to board up empty homes to keep humans from living in them) that have been removed from various windows and doors, into a table top! Finally, a good use for a socially useless product!

The Sweets Way community is as diverse as it is strong, and with each shared meal, each conversation, the sense of possibility about what we can achieve together here grows.

This campaign is very new and the odds of success are in many ways tiny, but if anything can beat the bastards at Annington Homes, it is the community of Sweets Way!

PS – We’ve also got 1,500 people signing our petition [https://www.change.org/sweetsway] in less than 3 days! The buzz is building! Watch for more exciting stuff tomorrow as we pay Annington a visit at their Bond Street offices in the morning!

PPS – Happy Mothering Sunday! This campaign, like so many before it, has been led by mums who have decided they don’t want their kids growing up with the bullshit they’ve experienced! Massive thanks to all the mothers of Sweets Way and beyond!

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