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Sweets Way Resists is a campaign led by residents of the Sweets Way Estate in Barnet and their supporters, to prevent the social cleansing of our North London community by Annington Homes and Barnet Homes. At a time when residents are being told there are no truly affordable homes left in Barnet, Annington should not be allowed to bulldoze our homes to make way for luxury flats!

We have occupied one of the 100+ empty flats on the estate and opened it as a social centre available to the community as an organising and social space, and to highlight the quality of homes that will be destroyed, simply because Annington doesn’t think they are profitable enough.

Send us a message (sweetswayresists @ gmail.com) if you’d like to take part in organising workshops, talks, films, meals, or anything else that will help us to fight as a community for decent homes.

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  1. It is hard to believe that the poor are so openly discriminated against and bullied out of their homes and even out of London. We have seen things like this happening in China, for example, and are shocked but do not think it happens here in the capital of our country. Boris Johnson should be ashamed as Mayor of London for allowing this to happen. His harmless happy buffoon image hides a true tory heart of stone. The people being evicted are being treated as being of no importance and that sums up the attitude of this government to anyone who is not a wealthy business type. This should be front page news in the papers and a lead tv news story but the media seem to be in cahoots with big business as usual so it is only due to social media such as Twitter that the public get to know about this gross injustice, Sweets Way Residents should not be forced out and if they are they should be compensated a very large amount of money each for the way they have been treated eg damage to family life and stress to children and adults to start with. What about the (Human) Right to family life? I wish all the residents well and hope very much they can recover from this after their brave fight.


  2. I’ve had a reply from the leader of Barnet Council and I would like to send it to you for your information. let me know if this is possible through my e/mail address.

    Peter Clark


  3. Injustice has not gone away, despite so much effort to stop it. Social cleansing and class warfare are rampant in our communities and in our government. I live in the U.S.A., and the story is the same or worse. Jesus said the poor we will always have with us, but he also believed in healing, peacemaking and love. Good luck in your endeavors, and I hope that God blesses you abundantly with more success than you know what to do with! It can happen. Believe it!


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