We’re in court tomorrow! How to support in person or from afar

We’re in court this morning fighting Annington Homes for our right to housing! They are not only demanding we leave our homes but also trying to obtain an injunction to prevent us protesting on the estate.

Join us at 9:30 at Barnet County Court: https://www.facebook.com/events/433124830197068/

Not able to join us at court? Give Annington Homes a call! Be polite but don’t be afraid to speak your mind! Our key demands, which you might wish to share, are:

  1. No demolition of the homes on Sweets Way estate
  2. Repopulation of empty homes, with right to return for all decanted residents
  3. Immediate stop to all eviction proceedings against residents

There are various numbers to try:

  • 020 7960 7500 (head office)
  • 0800 358 1118 (sales freephone)
  • 020 3757 6743 (Andy Martin, media relations)


  • While @SweetsWayN20 fight eviction in court, support by pressuring Annington Homes by phone! 020 7960 7500 info: https://sweetswayresists.wordpress.com/2015/03/29/were-in-court-tomorrow-how-to-support-in-person-or-from-afar/

2 thoughts on “We’re in court tomorrow! How to support in person or from afar

  1. It was too late for me to ask for Monday off work and come down to protest outside court – if it happens again, please give a little more notice if you can – Best of British x


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