Barnet and Annington: Partners in social cleansing

Friday was a busy day for all of us here at Sweets Way. At lunch time many of us headed into Central London to make another attempt to deliver our previously-rejected open letter to Annington’s £2.5million/year Chief Executive, James Hopkins. Once again when they saw us coming, they locked the doors to the building, inconveniencing their staff, as well as those of all the other companies that share the building. And all over not wanting to see a letter written by a community they are trying to destroy!

10411736_679610915498887_7613767584106975262_nFrom there, we headed to Barnet Homes again, just across the road from the Sweets Way estate, to give leaflets to employees as they came out of the building, and to try to speak to someone there about addressing the collective homelessness problem that the Council’s approval of the Sweets Way demolition was creating. However, when we arrived, they locked the doors after only a few of the group had gone in, locking some of us inside, and some of us outside, separating parents and children. When we tried to get in, the security began physically shoving and threatening us. It was scary, there were tears, and the police were called… against us! But we stood our ground and did get to speak to the Deputy Chief Executive of Barnet Homes, who agreed to meet with us on Monday morning!


In brief, on a quiet Friday afternoon, we managed to give grief to both of the institutions that have orchestrated the social cleansing of our estate, and untold stress in all of our lives. Annington are making the profits, but Barnet is refusing to offer viable alternative homes to those being turfed out in the name of Annington’s profits. We will let neither rest until they can offer answers acceptable to those still living at Sweets Way, and those who have been forced off into horrendous emergency accommodation.

We hope Friday was a reminder to both Annington and Barnet that we are not going away!

PS – if you can join us outside the courts on Monday morning as we fight Annington’s attempt to evict our social centre protest, your support would be massively appreciated!

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