Make sure Mostafa gets the home he needs!

Barnet Homes have made Mostafa an offer of a new house, but we need to make sure they will make it truly accessible for a wheelchair user before he accepts it. Join us on Monday to support Mostafa at Barnet Homes!


You may have been following Mostafa’s story for some time now. As the last original resident on Sweets Way, we have rallied together to help keep him and his family in their home and to pressure Barnet to find him accommodation that truly meets his needs.

We have gone to court, been to meetings, held protests and resisted a High Court bailiff eviction attempt against him. And the pressure is working!

Last week, Barnet Homes offered Mostafa a long-term home. However, it was a home that didn’t meet his physical access needs. After some negotiation, Barnet have agreed to make some of the changes to the property that would make it accessible to a wheelchair user, though they refuse to acknowledge the difficulty Mostafa has within the house, without his wheelchair. They think it is fine for him to rely on a strong adult being there with him 24/7 to help him so-much-as go to the bathroom or kitchen, and don’t think it is important for him to be able to reach his five-year-old daughter in what-would-be her third floor bedroom.

Barnet have given the family until Monday afternoon to accept the house. If they don’t, Barnet have said they will declare the family ‘intentionally homeless’ and discharge them from the housing list.

He said:

“As it stands, this offer is unacceptable. Barnet Homes are pressuring me and stressing me out to accept it, but without the specified firm commitments to renovate the building, it is not suitable for my needs. Even with renovations, it is still out of the borough and miles away from my family, friends and doctors. The house is three floors and they expect me to leave my five year old daughter on the third floor which I cannot access, either in case of an emergency, or just to put her to bed at night.”

Mostafa wants to accept the house, after three years of anger and indignity from the council, but wants to be sure they have committed to the changes he needs to be able to live with reasonable independence with his family.

Join us on Monday (Sept 7), 1pm at Barnet Homes (1255 High Road, Whetstone, N20), to make sure Mostafa gets the home – and the renovations – he needs!

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