CALL-OUT: Keep Mostafa’s family in Sweets Way, Monday, August 10, 8am, 46 Sweets Way, N20 0NT (Meet at Sweetstopia, 95 Sweets Way)


Mostafa’s family are the last remaining family on the Sweets Way estate. They have fought to stay where they are because Barnet Council have failed to provide alternative accommodation suitable to Mostafa’s physical health needs, having developed a serious disability while working as a carer three years ago.

Now they have been told that High Court bailiffs will be coming to evict the family of six on Monday morning, and we are committed to helping them stay in their homes until Barnet Council have found a truly suitable alternative accommodation for them.

In the midst of the eviction process, Barnet cut off the family’s housing benefit, leading to rent arrears, and are now using this as an excuse to avoid their duty of care to them. Both because of the Council’s horrendous treatment of Mostafa and his family, and because they are the last family standing on the estate, it is critical that we mobilise to stop this eviction!

There will be roles for people who are comfortable with different kinds of action on the day. There are always legal risks involved in stopping evictions, but we aim to make sure that everyone who is present can play a part, no matter what their level of comfort with different forms of direct action.

Regardless, we will need as many people as possible if we are to keep Mostafa in his home. Please arrive at 8am outside the gates of Sweetstopia (95 Sweets Way) for a 9am start.

DETAILS: Monday, August 10, 8am, 46 Sweets Way, London, N20 0NT (Meet at Sweetstopia, 95 Sweets Way)

10 thoughts on “STOP MOSTAFA’S EVICTION, Monday, 8am!

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  3. has there been any legal advice given?what about the 2 other steps on the ladder supreme court and the EU courts?which major newspapers have supported you? what about tv=itv,bbc,sky news,live at 5,have any celebrities supported you??
    who is the company that are buying it? london are kicking you out where i live we have seen a 100%increase across the hole of the southwest .plymouth being hit the worse.i know a lot which a very rich lady of the manor told me..people with money are laughing as they announcement that the interest rates will stay at 0.5% ume what’s in store now??the best place to live is leeds sheffield as david cameron has promise the industry will now be put back anywhere else that way to the boarder of scottland.


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