Three months old! (And some nice things you could support us with)


***UPDATED LIST AS OF 14 June 2015, based on all of your amazing generosity***

As of Monday, June 8, the Sweets Way Resists occupation is three months old! We didn’t really expect to be here this long, but thanks to the support of Focus E15, Barnet Housing Action and countless amazing people, we are still going strong, fighting the social cleansing agendas of Barnet Council and Annington Homes. Thank you to all of you who have helped us get to this point!

We’re also the longest-running political housing occupation in London, and aim to keep getting in the way of the re-development plans for the Sweets Way estate, and supporting one another through the ongoing struggles of living in the London Borough of Barnet, without six-figure salaries.

We had a little BBQ to celebrate, and it reminded us that there are a range of things that would make the campaign and the occupation stronger and easier in the coming months. Here’s a bit of a bucket list, should you have any of the below items around – big or small – and feel like being generous with them:

  • Single bed box springs or frame
  • King bed box spring or frame
  • Portable sound system (for street stalls and protests. This kinda thing )
  • Washing machine (if you had this many kids running around, you’d understand why…)
  • Non-perishable food
  • Banner making materials (more banners = more ways to highlight the issues)
  • Double and king-size bedding
  • Cups/glasses
  • Garden chairs (because it’s almost summer and we want to be out in the yard talking to the neighbours)

This campaign has been going for three months on almost zero budget, but this has only been possible because so many of you have been so generous in other ways. If you can help with any of the above, no matter how big or small, we promise to use them to support our ongoing fight for a fair Barnet that all of us can continue to live in, regardless of our income level.

As always, you can drop them by in person to the Sweets Way community house, 76 Oakleigh Road North, London, N20 9EZ. Drop by and pop-in for a cuppa! Send us an email (sweetswayresists @ gmail .com) if you have any questions about any of the above.

Thanks again for all the support that has got us this far!