CALL OUT: Last Monday was just the first battle won in a long fight. Once again we need your help!

Nearly a week ago, 100 supporters gathered outside the home of the last remaining Sweets Way residents, Mostafa and his family. It was the greatest collective, community action of our campaign thus far. Mostafa has written a statement of his thanks:

“Barnet homes had three years to rehouse me. My family provided Barnet homes with all the information from my GP , hospital letters, professor letters and few other  health organisation which show that I have to be rehoused as soon as possible otherwise my health condition will get worst. Unfortunately Barnet homes did not take anything into account.

10 months ago I was re-housed on the Sweets Way estate when they already knew it will be demolished. My family and myself are living in the empty estate which makes me and my family live in fear. I have lost my confidence, self esteem and my personality has been destroyed.

Barnet homes told ITV: ” Mr Alivredipour’s accommodation needs are still being discussed with him family including the Alivredipour’s who presented themselves homeless were placed in properties in Sweets Way on a temporary basis on the clear understanding that they would need to vacate in 2015″

Unfortunately this statement is False.

On Monday the people who showed up to support me, they gave me back hope. I don’t know how to thank everyone I’m so grateful to see all the support from people.”

This week we have camped through rain, sun and increasingly colder nights outside Mostafa’s house. Despite minor squabbles with security Sweets Way has remained a bailiff free zone. Yet, we know that they will be back stronger and more powerful then ever.

We predict another visit. This time it will not be as easy. The stakes are higher as contractors and builders close in to prepare the estate for demolition. Mostafa and his family remain the last bastion of hope for this community. There is still no word from Barnet council as to whether they have found a decent home for the family therefore they face the uncertainty of having to be in unsuitable temporary accommodation.

So, what can you do?

Come and visit us on Sunday from 3 for an open afternoon; get to know the crew, the estate and the last residents.

Also if you have time we need people to camp outside 46 Sweets Way on a regular basis. If you are unable, donations of tents and sleeping equipment would be greatly appreciated.

However if camping is an uncomfortable prospect, we can arrange accommodation in our show home or the community house if you let us know in advance.

Contact us: sweetswayresists[AT]gmail[DOT]com /

Tweet us: @SweetsWayN20

Or find us on Facebook.

Our community house: 76 Oakleigh Road North,  N20 0NU.  The nearest tube is Totteridge & Whetstone.

PayPal donations would also be simply amazing. Thank you!

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