Barnet Council hits a new low as Jennifer is set to be made homeless


Domestic violence vigil at the front of Barnet Homes

Today Barnet Homes and Barnet Council acted with utter contempt for ex-Sweets Way resident and domestic violence survivor, Jennifer, telling them they will not offer her any support, and leaving her with a letter suggesting she contact Shelter and find her own solicitor before she becomes homeless on the 2nd of June.

This is truly disgusting and an absolute lack of respect for both Jennifer’s circumstances and for the rules of local government in these situations.

Following the meeting, we blockaded the front of the Barnet Homes office for several hours in protest, and left candles (pictured above) in memory of the many women who have lost their lives to domestic violence.

Barnet completely denied any wrong doing, refusing to address the many specific issues we raised with them, in previous letters and in person. The Barnet Homes’ website released a strongly-worded, but largely empty statement about not tolerating domestic violence. The statement also said “it is essential that we are provided with the evidence in support of domestic violence claims”, a practice that raises major concerns, given the sensitive nature of the issues, and in Jennifer’s case, ignores the irrefutable evidence previously provided.

At this stage, Jennifer and her children will become homeless because she refused to live in fear of abuse. And responsibility for this lies squarely on the shoulders of Barnet Council and Barnet Homes. We will continue to bring this story to light, until justice is done.

We will be taking legal action immediately and appreciate any support from housing solicitors that are willing and able to work for free. The way Jennifer has been treated is a travesty; we are asking for the support of solicitors or barristers who are as committed as we are to preventing local authorities from taking such inhumane actions in the future.

If you think you might be able to help, please email us at

It would be a lie to say we are not all deeply saddened by today’s result, but our resolve to fight these injustices is only reaffirmed by the Council’s disregard and neglect for one of their own residents. Join us to help make days like today a relic of the past. Our collective strength is infinite. We will see each other through this and rebuild the Sweets Way community that Barnet and Annington seem so intent on destroying.

Come to our weekly Saturday street stall in front of the Whetstone Waitrose, 12-2pm, or come along to our next public meeting on Tuesday, 6pm, at the community house, 76 Oakleigh Road North, to get involved.

5 thoughts on “Barnet Council hits a new low as Jennifer is set to be made homeless

  1. Well up in the West Midlands the locals are not happy in people from London rehoused up there.
    Benefits families moved to Black Country by cash-strapped London councils

    Dozens of families on benefits have been re-located by London councils to the Black Country because they cannot afford to stay in the capital.

    West Bromwich East MP Tom Watson added: “This is driving out people who do not want to leave their homes to move to areas they did not want to live in.”

    This is what the people up north are being told is the reason that people are being rehoused.

    Nothing about you being fordibly evicted to make way for private developers to build luxury flats.

    In this social cleansing of London.

    But are not a lot of the families in work, the bulk of the people on benefits nowadays being rehoused?


    It has too few MPs now, not just from the SNP win in Scotland, but with losses all over England.

    Only you can can be the feet to get legs to walk the Swans new party into reality.


    Not only end social cleansing of London,

    But bring the socially cleansed back to London.

    As taking social housing from the locals. where the Londoners are being rehoused.

    Free public sector housing to the poorest.

    Rent capped for the rest.

    Bring empty properties into social housing.

    No Bedroom Tax.

    No Council Tax.

    No congestion charge.

    By being forcibly losing job in London and moving elsewhere where there is less work,
    unemployment means workfare,
    which will take jobs from low waged locals,
    already precarious in zero hour contracted, short term temporary jobs as it is is.

    End Workfare, benefit, sanctions, shut down Jobcentres and the entire Department of Work and Pensions. So making all the above funding neutral.

    Replaced by:

    universal and automatic

    at 60 for men and women
    universal and automatic
    same for all citizens.

    No more form-filling, no more workfare, no more endless hours wasted in the Jobcentre.

    No more hunger from sanctions.

    Soon to come to those in work losing working tax credit and housing benefit and maybe even council tax support, from the permanent sanctions coming under Universal Credit.

    No Universal Credit. No fear of losing housing benefit.

    No more privatised councils, and bringing them back into social ownership.

    MY BLOG.



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  3. As previously stated I emailed Councillor Richard Cornelius, this is his response:

    “I can’t go into some of the very personal aspects of a housing case. I can however assure you that every effort will be made to find a solution to the re-housing issue. Barnet Homes have been very caring and are doing their very best to deal with the various cases in a sympathetic way. We do have to be realistic about the very limited supply of accommodation that there is available and also verify all the facts pertaining.”


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