The Sweets Way revolution you might have missed

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I’m very excited to share this guest post from activist author Liam Barrington-Bush. Many activists across the UK left have been despairing since last week’s election result, and discussing ‘what next’ endlessly in pubs, workplaces and on social media. One recurrent theme people seem to agree on is the need to organise in communities and build power at the grassroots. This is exactly what Liam has been doing – I hope you find his story as inspiring as I have.

Tucked away in the North London borough of Barnet, a revolution is brewing. As housing campaigns have sprung up across the capital, the families – and children – of the Sweets Way estate have fought back against the so-called ‘regeneration’ of their estate and have maintained the longest-running housing occupation in London since the start of the housing crisis.

I first heard about Sweets Way in mid-February, when someone Tweeted…

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