They forgot that we were seeds…


On Friday we paid another visit to Annington Properties at their 1 James Street address in Central London (feel free to pop by and let them know what you think of their plans, by the way). Given the events of the last couple of weeks, it felt important to let them know we hadn’t disappeared and were just as committed to challenging their ‘regeneration’ plans as we ever have been.

Accordingly, we rolled up with a coffin covered in flowers, and a giant banner emblazoned with the slogan we have adopted from Mexico: ‘They tried to bury us; they didn’t know we were seeds.’

We know that everything about our fight is a David and Goliath-uphill battle, since Annington (and parent company Terra Firma) have the backing of Barnet Council, a Tory Cabinet Minister, and billions of pounds in the bank. However, that is not enough to stop us. Annington and countless other developers have scared others into the silent suffering of those who have been socially cleansed from London, but not us! We know that the very issues we are battling are being felt by literally millions of other Londoners, and that it is our responsibility to ourselves, and to everyone else facing the spectre of gentrification that we stand up and fight it. With every blow they deal us, our resolve to make sure London doesn’t become an enclave for the super-rich just grows stronger.

And that’s why we’ve taken on that Mexican slogan, and why we made that visit to Annington on Friday. We’re not going away. We may be small, but we can continue to break through the concrete of regeneration in a thousand little ways, and will continue to do so as long as Annington acts like their profits are more important than our rights to a home and a community!

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