A visit from Russell Brand…

Guess who paid us a visit today?

After a week of being ignored by the media, in spite of countless horrendous personal stories of social cleansing and the community-driven occupation of an empty home, Russell Brand popped by and all-of-a-sudden we became newsworthy!

He jumped on a trampoline and swung on the swings with the kids, took some pics and then Tweeted his 9.2 million followers about our campaign to stop Annington’s plans to ‘regenerate’ our homes.

After that, Alan Rusbridger, editor of the Guardian (the WHOLE Guardian… not just a section of it!) came along and paid us a visit, too!

After it all, we watched the film Si Se Puede, about a week with the amazing Spanish anti-evictions movement, and got inspired by what people there have been able to achieve through peaceful collective mutual aid and direct action.

At the end of the day, our petition now has nearly 700 signatures, the day after launching it, Change.org has begun to promote it, and we’re all ready to fight!


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3 thoughts on “A visit from Russell Brand…

  1. I live in Alabama USA. I was raised on a quaint cul-de-sac tucked away just beyond the busy part of a sprawling suburban town. About twenty years ago, the absentee owners of a 15-acre estate that adjoins only our backyard and a rental house wanted the City to rezone their property for a garden home development. This would have disturbed my family greatly. Attending the town hall meeting on the issue, I couldn’t tune in to other speakers and their opinions because I could only be there for my own family, and had to stay focused on my own part. I don’t know what the deciding factors were, but to this day, the serene spirit of my childhood home is as it was 55 years ago, very modest, but true to its purpose of being my family home. This story of mine has a happy ending. I pray yours does too.


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