SIGN THE PETITION: ANNINGTON – Stop the social cleansing of Sweets Way!

So we’ve got an occupied social centre, an active and outraged community and plans for lots more action, but we want it to be as easy as possible for people to do something small to get involved, even if they can make it to 60 Sweets Way.

So we started a petition on [], demanding:

“Annington and Barnet Homes stop the demolition of the Sweets Way estate, stop the evictions of current residents and offer decanted residents the right to return to their former homes at truly affordable rents.”

So sign it, share it, convince your favorite celebrity or influential person to give it a plug!

On it’s own a petition will only get us so far, but along with direct action, community organising and some press to shine a light on the ugly realities of social cleansing at Sweets Way and beyond, we can make sure our homes remain our homes!

kids fence

2 thoughts on “SIGN THE PETITION: ANNINGTON – Stop the social cleansing of Sweets Way!

  1. I heard about your case via Twitter & although I live in Sydney Australia I truly hope you all win your right to stay in your homes. It’s disgusting what these large corporations & councils are doing to normal, hard working people. I doubt they would ever do that in a well off area would they?! Affordable housing is becoming a joke here in Sydney as well as most of us are forced to live in areas that are far from our jobs & good schools. It’s great that you are taking a stand!

    I wish you all the best in your fight.



  2. So glad Russle Brand got involved I hope you all win the right to stay right where you are in your homes . This world disgusts me and so does these greedy bastards who care more for money than humanity.

    Hope it all goes well

    Shell xx


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